La Bayadère at Bolshoi Theatre (2013) – Part I

La Bayadère at Bolshoi Theatre (2013), Svetlana Zakharova as Nikiya and Vladislav Lantratov as Solor.

Photo by Irina Lepnyova


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5 Responses to “La Bayadère at Bolshoi Theatre (2013) – Part I”

  1. nick Says:

    Svetlana Zakharova was wonderful in La Bayadere. She´s like a goddess!!! Vladik Lantratov is a brilliant young dancer. He´s very graceful, has great elevation and his dancing seems effortless. It was great to watch them dance together.

  2. lostnene Says:

    Wuah you have seen them during this performance!
    You are so lucky, I wish I could!!
    Anyway I will se Svetlana Zakharova with Roberto Bolle in Giselle at the end of April, so I have nothing to complain! 😉

    • nick Says:

      Well, I saw the performance in the movie theater. It was a direct transmission from The Bolshoi Theatre (just a few days after the attack on Sergei Filin). It isn´t as thrilling as being in the theater for a live preformance but even so it was great. (Two years ago I saw La Bayadere in Moscow with Tsiskaridze and Sakharova. Amazing!!!)
      Albrecht is a role very suited to Roberto Bolle and I´m sure you will really enjoy Giselle. I guess the performance is at The Scala. Wish I could go. In October I went to Barcelona to see Don Quixote with Vasiliev and Osipova and it was a wonderful experience!!!

  3. lostnene Says:

    You guessed right, it will be at La Scala. Giselle is not my favorite ballet, but this is a fantastic opportunity to see those two Etoiles together.
    I absolutely trust you when you say that seeing Don Q with Vasiliev and Osipova was a wonderful experience! I believe Kitri is the role that suits better Natalia Osipova and, the other way around, that at the moment she is one of the dancers that better dance this role.
    Moreover, is there a better place where to see the Don Quixote if not in Spain? Barcellona should have been an amazing and evocative ambiance!!
    I unfortunately never had the chance to see live Osipova dancing Kitri, but I will see her in Swan Lake in July. It will be the first time that I will see her live, so I look forward to it!

    • nick Says:

      Zakharova and Bolle are well suited and I´m sure you´ll love the performance.

      I totally agree. Osipova is very suited to bravura roles like Kitri. She´s very lively and spunky and has so much energy and flair. I´ve seen videos of Zakharova as Kitri, but in spite of her grace and all her technique this is not a role in which she shines. She lacks flamboyance and pizzaz.

      Yes, Barcelona was certainly the ideal place to see Don Quixote (in spite of some laughs since lots of things are not very authentically Spanish). We were with a friend of ours who´s a good friend of Angel Corella. I love his Grand Pas de Deux from Don Quixote with Paloma Herrera. He´s a male version of Osipova!!! ( so quick, lively and charismatic).

      Osipova is quite versatile (one of the reasons she decided to leave the Bolshoi along with Vasiliev) and I´m sure she won´t dissapoint you in Swan Lake.

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